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 This morning a very confronting “Facebook memory” from 5 years ago popped up. It was a picture of me and my sister having a cocktail to celebrate that our holiday finally started. The picture was made during one of our traditional Saturdays where we used to go to the market together near my house in Rotterdam and buy fresh flowers and cheese (sometimes some candy to but that’s our little secret). We just walked around, talked a bit, laughed, ate some food and had a drink (or more). Nothing special I would say until the moment it wasn’t natural anymore.

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Face your fears and jump! 

Someone I love dearly reminded me this week about my website. She asked, “what’s the status of your website?” and laughed sarcastically while asking. I almost forgot about it because I have been working on this for over 2 years without any actual result.

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The journey...

When I decided to leave a lot of people around me said I was running, they said it wasn’t for me, that I just had to grow up, stop wandering, accept things and settle down. I have to say, it gave me a shitty feeling because I felt misunderstood and alone. The reason I wanted to go is because I sincerely wanted to see the world, see what’s out there, learn, experience and grow as a person.

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